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  • Posted On: Sep 16, 2013
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  • Description: Baby massage is a wonderful way for parents to learn how to develop a strong and loving bond with their new bundle of joy. The invigorating effects of baby massage can help assist your baby with better quality of sleep (and in turn for parents!), while also being extremely useful in relieving reflux and aches and pains associated with colic, wind and constipation. The techniques can also assist with symptoms of post-natal depression in new parents. Developmental stretches and massage strokes are fundamental in developing motor skills, cognitive, social and language skills as well as co-ordination. Techniques used for infant massage incorporate a balance of Indian and Swedish massage strokes and Reflexology. It is important to note that there are significant differences between massage for adults and massage for infants. It is vital to understand the correct strokes, ideal timing and length of massage to avoid over-stimulation. All massage strokes will be demonstrated on a doll - YOU will be the only person massaging your baby Baby Massage Sessions are an ideal opportunity to meet new mums and form new friendships in your local area (when attending group sessions).
  • Location: Hocking, WA, Australia

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