Lana Mayes - Trust Your Melody

  • Little Things In Common is very proud to support Lana Mayes in her plight to help Tobias a little Paraguayan boy whom she spotted running around on twisted ankles in a Sunday Night story six months ago. Thanks to the keen eye of Lana, Tobias has been granted life-changing treatment.


    Lana Mayes is the author a profound book called Trust Your Melody.


    Here are my thoughts after reading her book…


    “At first I did not know if I would relate to the book as I do not have children with Clubfeet. Yet once I started reading, I was hooked and felt compelled to finish it. Lana’s story is so much more than raising awareness about Clubfeet and supporting our children through their journey, it is an honest story of a Mum finding her way. The story touched my heart. I found two powerful messages in this book, the first been that as a mother we always know what is best for our children when we trust our 'Mothering Instinct'. In my own journey as a mother this was something that I lacked, as I did not believe in myself and my own abilities. Over the past 15 years I have improved yet sometimes I still do slip back (which leads me to the second message from the book). The second message for me is the ability to move away from the emotion of a situation to help you to see the situation for what it is, in its true light. Again for me I would allow emotion to cloud my days and effect on my own innate ability to be the BEST mother for my children.


    When you calm and center yourself in the moment and away from the emotion you can rely on and listen to your own 'Mothering Instinct'.


    Thank you Lana for writing this book and for reminding me to trust in my own melody (no matter what is in front of me)!”


    Until the 10th of June, Lana is kindly offering 20% off & donating $15 from each paperback sale ($5 from each eBook sale) to her ‘Treat Tobias’ campaign under each purchasers name. Please use the unique code of 'TREATTOBIAS' through the shop on my website –

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