Planning your plane trip with children


    From the time your child crawls, until the age of four, travel can be… tough. But it’s still absolutely worth it. Long haul flights (and even short haul flights) can be hard. Here are a few tips to get you through the flight.


    - Try to book an overnight flight for at least one leg.

    - Travel light. You’re lugging a baby through at least three airports, so limit your carry-on baggage. You don’t need a carseat or a bulky stroller. Use a lightweight stroller or a sling.

    - Check your transit airport for complimentary strollers and get one when you arrive. Singapore and Abu Dhabi are well stocked and Emirates will give you a stroller as you disembark in Dubai.

    - Check your transit airport for baby lounges and child friendly play areas to let off steam in-between flights.

    - Organise things you might need into Ziploc bags, so you’re not on an endless search through your carry-on for toys, nappies and wipes, snacks etc.

    - Pack a change of clothes for yourself. Flying with a baby can get messy.

    - Are you still breastfeeding? Feed during take off and landing to minimise ear pain. Otherwise use a bottle, dummy or paediatric Ear Planes (ear plugs).

    - Keeping your little one entertained will be the most challenging part of the trip. Lots of face pulling games. Hide and Seek. Animal noises. Songs. Make a long list and go through it. Use the time to teach your baby songs and nursery rhymes.

    - Pack a hand or sock puppet and entertain your baby with sock songs.

    - Pack a couple of new board or cloth books, and wrap them in colourful paper. Both the wrapping paper and the book can entertain.

    - Pack a small mirror. Babies love looking at themselves.

    - Choose some toys that have different textures, flaps, and colours but stay away from anything that is noisy and will bother other people.

    - Look after yourself on the flight, meaning sleep when your baby sleeps and drink lots of water.

    - Some airlines have flight attendants who are really supportive of parents with babies. If a flight attendant offers to take your baby to give you a break… take the offer up.

    - Don’t worry if your baby cries. Most people understand.


    And finally, you’re taking your baby on a holiday and that’s exciting. Our kids feed off our stress… so don’t get too wound up about the trip. It will be over before you know it. So relax. 


    Written by. Jane Tara from Itchee Feet


    Itchee Feet founders Jane Tara and Dominique Sweeney are both avid travellers with backgrounds in publishing, entertainment and education. Itchee Feet draws on a dynamic team of writers, designers and educational advisors to create books, games, guides and apps.

    Jane is an award-winning writer, with over twenty children’s books and three novels to her name. Dom has a Ph.D. in cross-cultural research. Both spent many years living and travelling in many countries.

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