Choosing a Daycare for your Kids

  • Choosing a daycare for your kids can be really daunting, there are so many options; family day care, day care centres, kindergartens, at home nannies, just to name a few.  Choosing a day care is stressful, I believe it is right up there with moving house and changing jobs.



    When it was time for me to choose a daycare for my son I didn’t know where to start... But I was getting advice from all angles.  Just like when my son was born everyone had their own opinion with good and bad experiences and advice to share!


    I had to work out what was most important to me and my family and what I needed from care. To help me choose a daycare without the stress I created this checklist of things to consider, what to ask and look for when choosing care for your kids.


    Things to consider:

    1.Is it Safe
    2. A happy environment
    3. Fun
    4. Educational Programs in place
    5. Nurturing
    6. What days and times do you need care?
    7. Religious or cultural needs; what are their policies?



    What to ask?

    1. What days and times is care available?
    2. Are the days of care flexible if you need to change?
    3. What is the runny nose & cough policy?
    4. Can children attend if they're not toilet trained?
    5. What if your can not attend due to sickness? Do you still have to pay?


    What to look for:

    1. Location, is it close to home or on the way to work?
    2. It is organised
    3. Clean and tidy
    4. Kind and caring staff
    5. Happy children
    6. Sick children



    Overall, don’t ignore your gut!  I walked into 3 day care centres and interviewed 2 family day care educators before I finally settled on a place that was right for my son even though each one had been recommended by friends and family.


    Always follow your gut and remember every family has their own needs, every family situation is different.  What works for one family may not work for another, you just have to find a place that shares similar values to you.  Easier said than done I know, but hopefully this checklist for choosing a daycare for your kids will help.


    What are some of the things you looked for or you worry about when choosing a daycare for your kids?


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    Ferny is a mum to one gorgeous boy, Kolby. She works from home with her husband on their various businesses. Their dream is to retire early and become gypsy's traveling around Australia in a caravan, homeschooling their son. Ferny shares her real life experiences with her family, infertility issues and overcoming depression.

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