5 Easy and Nutritious Breakfasts for Kids

  • Some kids are fussy eaters!


    Maybe it’s because children have twice as many taste buds as adults, but whatever the cause, my own little darling is no exception. Every parent knows that when fussy eaters are coupled with busy mornings, chaos will reign. With this in mind I have collated a short list of simple and healthy breakfasts that can be whipped up before a swirl of hungry temper tantrums has time to erupt. Each breakfast is based on one of the food pyramids categories so you can be sure that your kids are getting a nutritious meal into their tummies.




    1. Baked beans in a cup with a sprinkling of cheese on top. Add some toasted wholemeal bread fingers for dipping.
    2. Banana mash on wholemeal crumpets with your choice in nuts or seeds. Make a funny face using the nuts for those children less inclined to healthy eating…
    3. Toasted sandwiches using wholegrain or rye with a wedge of lean ham or chicken breast, tomato and cheese in the middle for added sustenance. If your child isn’t a fan of one or more of the ingredients, change it up! As long as it’s warm and toasted it will be enjoyed.
    4. Toast with avocado and a light sprinkling of salt. You might add some sesame seeds or a drizzle of lemon depending on your child’s tastes but sometimes keeping it basic is just as enriching. 
    5. A cup of Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey. Add some dry oats for extra crunch and long lasting energy.

    Tips for making morning breakfasts easier

    1. Take an extra few seconds to make the food look appetising; fussy eaters are likely to be swayed when the meal is aesthetically pleasing.
    2. On the weekend get your kids to help you make anything they haven’t yet tried. Taking the opportunity to teach your kids how to make a simple healthy breakfast helps to set them up for a life of healthy eating. They are more likely to enjoy their breakfast if they make it themselves, and once they have tried something new and enjoyed it they are more likely to find it irresistible on a busy school morning.
    3. Create a bunch of breakfast bags on the weekend and store them in the fridge or cupboard. Pack a muesli bar, piece of fruit, yoghurt- whatever healthy food your kids will eat. If you prepare 5 bags for each child you won’t need to worry about breakfast preparations all week! As a sidenote I would suggest also creating a similar bag for afternoon snacks, otherwise your 5 thoughtfully prepared breakfast bags won’t last the duration...
    4. On the weekend refrigerate or freeze your breakfast leftovers e.g. scrambled eggs or pancakes and just re-heat them Monday morning. 
    5. Prepare the dining table the night before with; cereal boxes, a bowl of fruit, bowls, cutlery and cups so that your kids can make their own breakfast while you get ready.
    6. Check to see if your school has a breakfast menu. You might be able to save some time by dropping them off earlier and paying for an inexpensive school served breakfast. Ask for a menu at the tuckshop or see if you can download one from the schools website.
    7. Don’t forget about YOU! Teach your eldest child how to make a simple breakfast in bed for you once in a while. When you have energy, everyone’s morning will run smoothly. The kids will also appreciate how much preparation you put into their breakfasts, and may stop being quite so fussy - a bonus for everyone.


    Janine Mergler is the Editor of Families Magazine the Clever Resource for Thinking Parents. www.familiesmagazine.com.au

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