How do you exercise on holidays?


    I am packing my bags for four nights away for our family of four to Mission beach.  This is now a mammoth task packing for a baby, toddler & husband who is away in Brisbane and arrives home at midnight, the morning before we leave.  The weather is forecast for rain, so need to back for wet weather but also pack some summery things in the hope that the forecast is wrong!


    But as I am packing my bags I am thinking what exercise I might do over the short time we are away.  Ok, I will pack my funky Cadenshae workout gear, put in a resistance band for some additional training, but I really have no idea how this week will evolve. 


    This little trip is a long overdue get away for our little family so I really didn’t want my exercise time to be something that would take me away from my family or hinder other daily activities.


    By the time we arrived in the first afternoon we hit the beach straight away.  It was a little drizzly, but a beautiful flat beach and a long walk was in order. Little did I know that my toddler had some interval training planned for me. This was actually my favourite time bonding with my boy.  Dad wore little Miss 3 months in the Manduca carrier while she slept and Mr 2 and I ran the beach.  He decided that we needed to run about 50m, stop and draw a picture in the sand and repeat… for about 1 hour!  So did I really need to be worried about how I would fit in my workouts? No! We literally did this twice a day for our whole stay.  Good thing toddlers love repetition.  But he was so sweet.  Every time we ran, he looked up at me ‘Hold my hand Mummy’ and sprinted his little heart out.


    Here are a few of my exercise tips for getting a few workouts on holiday while still having quality family time.  It probably won’t be your usual workout plan, but think of it as cross training.


    Hit the beach and see what activities the children lead you to do

    o   Will you dig massive holes and sand castles?

    o   Will you run and walk along the beach?

    o   Will you race up stand dunes?

    o   Will you do it all in the soft sand?

    o   Will you splash and race in the water?


    Explore Nature

    o   Get walking along the bush walk paths.  It is impressive just how far a toddler can walk.  And you can babywear them or the little ones when tired for extra resistance


    Go Crazy on the playgrounds

    o   Climb up those spider webs with the kids, so some push ups/chins ups on the monkey bars

    o   Devise a little playground workout that you can chase and interact with the kids, then do some squats in between and scale the playground yourself


    Hire the local gear

    o   Go bike riding, hire a stand up paddle board, snorkelling


    Public transport

    o   Ditch the car and get some mileage on foot and using public transport.  My toddler loves a bus ride


    Shop till you drop

    o   I am not a shop-a-holic myself, but you can get some serious K’s walking around those huge shopping malls


    Me time

    o   If you feel the need to get a massive sweat up and workout, take a resistance band or skipping rope, do some creative weight training, use hotel gyms or get jogging before the whole household wakes ups.



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    Written by: Philippa Bowman – Nurtured Fitness –


    I’m Philippa, mother of two delightful humans, 3 years old & 4 months old.  I live in Cairns & run a Pre/Postnatal fitness business called Nurtured Fitness, which includes Kangatraining.  I am always trying to find ways to exercise WITH my kids or it will simply never happen. Baby wearing is another passion of mine that helps me connect with my children, exercise & an all-round parenting tool.

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