Finding the Balance of Life

  • There is fine line between working to live and living to work. Some of us lean more to one side than the other and somewhere in between are those of us who are spending days looking for BALANCE as if there really is no tomorrow. ‘Balance’ may mean different things to different people but the idea is relatively the same. What we strive for is multitasking perfection without it affecting our ability to make great memories and be present in each moment.


    We want to be in a conference call while doing school drop off, sewing those handmade vintage inspired outfits while cooking dinner and getting the pile of washing folded all at the same time. Don’t forget to vacuum while you wipe up this morning’s breakfast, so your family can eat at the kitchen table together. OH, and that dentist appointment will have to wait until you have purchased some new, unnecessary, but CUTE AS clothes for your kids again and you know there is enough money to get you through to next week’s pay day.


    While we get so caught up in being self sacrificing, disciplined parents who haven’t been out without the kids for over 6months, we lose balance. Remember that thing you have been searching for while those odd socks still continue to pile up??


    I’ll be honest with you - energy flows where energy goes, but I am so dry up of that kind of energy that lasts from my 7am wake up with a toddler on my head (screaming about Spiderman and cereal), to the time of the day when my head sinks to my pillow like a 10kg bag of mashed up potatoes.


    And that is totally ok!


    We should all find that courage to say enough is enough when we have had it, drawing a line in the sand that we won’t cross. We won’t need to cross those boundaries that we set unless we are joined by the other women and men in our lives that have also raised white flags and jumped ship too. Guaranteed they are all feeling the same overwhelm from the pressure we create, with busy lifestyles and high expectations of what we want to achieve in the 24hours of our day.


    How have I found balance in my life?


    Well, I haven’t.


    But what I have learned is freak outs, time outs and ‘white flag’ days are fine. These moments are what water our roots and grow us, shaping who we are moving forward. I’ve grown to ask for help love and appreciate myself more and be motivated to just breathe IN and OUT in times of trial and error.


    If all we ever spend out energy on is getting lost in the darkness, looking for light and balance, we may just miss the stars above us that remind us that all we need to do is LOOK UP from what we are doing and just BE.


    Danica Williams, Kangatrain


    Danica is a mum to a cheeky 2 year old boy named Ellard and due for a baby in early September. 

    She is an Instructor with Kangatraining Australia and has been running these interactive mums and bubs fitness classes since March 2014. 

    Danica enjoys writing for her personal blog and connecting with mummies in her local community.

    Her growing family call Frankston,VIC home and have been loving the Mornington Peninsula since their move in early 2013. She hopes to invoke positive thoughts in others and inspire her fellow woman to be the best women they can be.  



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  • leekangatraining
    leekangatraining Nice one Danica, I have to stalk you to see if you have had your baby yet!
    9 September 2015